How People First Solutions Came About

Alina Oldfield Clark - Founder of PFS

Alina Oldfield Clark – Founder

In 2002 I was interviewing for a Training Coordinator role with a recruitment agency representing the client. I was offered a job on the spot and I’ve never looked back.




While I love recruitment, a few years ago I could recite a long list of what I didn’t like about the recruitment industry. Here are just a few:

  • High fees
  • Poor outcomes
  • Clients feeling undervalued
  • Candidates feeling like a commodity

And in the traditional model that recruitment agencies use, candidates ARE a commodity and nothing more.

Working within the traditional recruitment agency framework was frustrating for me. Every day I heard the same complaints, yet I tried to explain to my clients and candidates that I was different and that I do actually care. However, my hands were tied. I felt powerless to effect any changes under the company’s recruitment model and actually  prove that I was different. I realised the only way I could truly effect change and run a recruitment agency my way – in my opinion, the right way – was to start my very own agency.

“People First Solutions” was born.

The name is no accident. We really do put people first and foremost, and that’s what sets us apart from all the other recruitment agencies and employment agencies on the Gold Coast. We treat each and every client and candidate as a real person and not just a number or a commodity. Businesses need processes that work and the current recruitment model had loads to improve upon. That was one of the main goals of People First Solutions: A major overhaul of the traditional recruitment agency model.

Enter “Simple Staffing Solutions”…

After undergoing many refinements, tweaks and adjustments, we are so proud of where it is today. Not only does it work brilliantly, it is just so cost-effective that it is actually cheaper than running the recruitment process yourself, or using a traditional recruitment agency model. And no surprise there, considering their exorbitant fees.

So what do I love about recruitment?

I really love working with people, and being part of a business as it’s growing is the greatest buzz. I love to learn about their business: the culture, it’s market position, all of it. I love it! I think it’s the romance of potential and possibility that fires me up. For me, those things in the context of people is a winning formula and I can’t see myself ever doing anything else.


So, who am I?

I am the classic ‘People Person’! I am passionate and positive and I thrive on making a genuine contribution to both the recruitment process and people’s lives. I have more than 13 years experience in recruitment, having been a dedicated specialist in a number of industries:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Executive Supply Chain
  • Call Centre & Customer Service

I have both represented and recruited for Australian and international top brands such as:

  • Coca Cola Amatil
  • Virgin
  • Optus
  • Vodafone
  • Woolworths
  • And many more…

Add to this my extensive experience recruiting for small businesses and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Outside of work I enjoy time with my husband as we try to keep up with our inquisitive preschooler. Or I could be enjoying a cheeky wine with my friends as my son enjoys some one-on-one time with his dad.

I believe recruitment should be simple, easy and effective. It should provide value for money and deliver results without causing workflow traffic jams in businesses. At People First Solutions we have designed a system that enables businesses to flourish while they grow, rather than get left behind and have to play catch up.

It works…It delivers…It’s simple. And that’s how recruitment should be.