Employment Law Quiz True Or False


We all work and operate businesses within Australia and are governed by its laws, but how many of us really know Australian Employment law. Well, let’s test you out with a short quiz regarding employment law here in Australia, as it pertains to the rights of workers and employers alike. The answers are either TRUE or FALSE.


  1. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against someone’s sex, race, age or political belief.
  2. An offer of employment from employer to employee has to be in writing.
  3. In the Fair Work Act, there are 10 National Employment Standards to be adhered to.
  4. Casual employees are entitled to 4 weeks’ annual leave after 12 months of paid work for the one company.
  5. Under the National Employment Standards, the maximum hours of work per week are 45 hours.
  6. Casual workers get paid their normal rate of pay for having the day off on Public Holidays.
  7. The payment of wages to employees can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  8. The current minimum amount of superannuation employers must pay for fulltime and part-time employees is 9.5% of the employee’s wages.
  9. Foreign workers working in Australia on a working holiday visa are not required to pay tax under Australian law.
  10. An employee who has been with an employer for less than a year is entitled to one week’s notice prior to termination of employment.
  11. With regards to redundancy payments, where the redundant job will be filled by no one, or the employer has declared bankruptcy, a worker who has worked there for less than a year is entitled to a redundancy payout of 4 weeks pay.
  12. An unfair dismissal is classified as one that is unreasonable, harsh or unjust.
  13. By law employers must write a glowing reference for former employees.
  14. If a fulltime employee is terminated from employment they lose all right to any unpaid leave regardless of how long they have worked for the employer.
  15. Some examples of serious misconduct in the workplace include: Assaulting another employee, dishonesty and refusing to act on fair and reasonable instructions from the employer.


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  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. False
  5. False
  6. False
  7. True
  8. True
  9. False
  10. True
  11. False
  12. True
  13. False
  14. False
  15. True
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