Here you will find the answers to your most common questions regarding People First Solutions, our recruitment processes, how we differ from other employment agencies, and what we can do for you to streamline the recruitment process for your business on the Gold Coast.

Q:  Is there an additional placement fee upon hiring our selected candidate?

A: No.  This process only incurs a one off payment.  There are never any additional changes upon hiring or at any other stage in the process.


Q:  If we hire more than one candidate are there any additional costs?

A: No.  You can hire one, three or 25 people from the one advertisement.  The cost is for our advertising and shortlisting service, what you choose to do with the applications is up to you!


Q: Can I upgrade my service after the process has commenced?

A:  Yes.  If after the service has begun that you would like to add extra components on to your service you can do this at anytime.  Just call or email us and we can ensure you get the best fit for your needs.


Q:  Do you complete interviews and reference checks?

A: Yes.  We offer face to face, phone or Skype based interviews for an additional cost.  Similarly reference checking can be added to your process for a small fee.


Q:  Do you provide guarantee periods?

A:  Our Simple Staffing Solution does not include guarantee periods.  Should you want guarantee periods included in your recruitment process our Executive Service is the best option for you.


Q:  How many candidates will I receive?

A:  We can never guarantee the volume or quality of the applications your advertisement will generate.  However our expertise in writing and producing an effective ad campaign will ensure your vacancy is as attractive as possible and exposed to its correct audience.


Q:  This seems too good to be true, how are you able to offer so much at such a low price?
A:   We hear this all too often! No it’s not too good to be true!  We have invested our resources in effective streamlined systems.  Essentially our buying power results in savings and additional benefits for our clients.


Q:  What locations do you service?
A:  Our Simple Staffing Solution is available across Australia and New Zealand.


Q:  Do you offer print advertising options?

A:  Yes. If you would like your vacancy to appear in a newspaper or magazine we are happy to coordinate this on your behalf. Due to variance in publications’ pricing individual quotes are required.