Is Your Induction Process Costing Your Business


Induction programs or training is designed to introduce new employees to their role within the organisation. It should be just as much an orienteering process as a training one. A sound and well thought out induction process will allow new workers to hit the ground running and start their new jobs with confidence

Is your induction program a good one, or could it actually be costing your business; either monetarily or by improper employee preparation. The latter will ultimately also affect your bottom line if new workers are bumbling their way through their tasks because they really haven’t been shown the proper way to go about their jobs from the outset.


Recruit Right

Even if you have an awesome induction process in place, it’s going to mean very little if the staff you hired really aren’t right for the job. Some people take a job just to get by until they find something “better”, or more suitable to them. Your induction training may just fall on deaf ears if a person is in this mindset. And that’s just one failing. For your induction training to succeed you need to recruit the right people and to do that it might be a wise idea to enlist the help of quality employment agencies.


Components Of An Induction program

Following are some of the things a good induction process should cover. Of course, this list is by no means a comprehensive one, and each business will include (or exclude) certain points pertinent to that industry.

  • Introduction to team leaders and managers
  • Introduction to other employees
  • Designated work hours and break times
  • Security and fire escapes
  • Comfort facilities and lunch rooms
  • The employee’s work area
  • General layout of the office or work space
  • Provide employees with general information on the business
  • Employee tax and financial details for payment of salary and superannuation
  • Explain workplace rules and conditions
  • Pay and annual leave details explained
  • Safety procedures


Be Organised

A solid and sound induction process will be time-efficient and organised. The more streamlined it is, the easier it is for the trainer to deliver the message, and the more focus the new employees will have. This will lead to quicker absorption of the information. Employees will be up to speed much sooner and start productive work immediately upon completion of induction.


Advantages Of A Good Induction Process

Your new recruits will start work with more confidence and slide into their roles more smoothly. This will mean workers will be productive sooner, which is good for the bottom line of the business. Sound recruiting and solid induction will mean less likelihood of staff turnover. Constantly losing staff when they have just got up to speed can be a real drain on a business, both financially and in other ways.

At People First Solutions on the Gold Coast, we’ll help you recruit the best staff from the outset, ensuring your induction process runs smoothly and your new workers fast become an asset to your business.

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