Jobseekers Should Use A Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are not just for employers seeking prospective employees. Without jobseeker’s recruitment agencies can’t do business. They are the go between for employers and employees. While not all recruitment agencies actively look for jobseekers to have on their books in the event a suitable position becomes available, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with these agencies, let them know you are available and send through a resume.

Let’s look at this scenario. You might have years of retail experience in women’s fashion, possibly even been a manager of a store in the past. The agency you approach doesn’t have any suitable positions available right now, but will keep your resume and details on file. A few weeks later the owner of a women’s clothing store gets in touch with the agency about recruiting suitably qualified staff. You’ve recently been in touch and forwarded your resume already. Chances are you will be the very first potential candidate that comes to mind at the agency.

As a jobseeker you need to be proactive these days. There is just so much competition out there. Why wait to apply for an advertised position with a recruitment agency? Get your foot in the door early. Show that your enthusiastic and really wanting a job. This goes a long way towards success in the selection criteria. Sure, employers love hiring people with experience, but they also love enthusiasm for the job and a willingness to learn.

Be prepared before contacting any recruitment agencies. Know what you want to say first, whether it be over the phone or in writing. Have an updated and current resume ready to go. This should include all certifications and references as well. Put it all together and export the entire resume as one PDF file, as this makes it so much simpler to email through to either an agency or an employer.

And remember, while recruitment agencies are trying hard to find the right candidates for the employer, they also need to take care of the jobseekers as well.

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