Keeping Employees Happy, Engaged And Productive


A business is only as good as the people working in it, and a happy and productive work force will go a long way toward ensuring your business is a thriving success. But what can managers and business owners do to keep employees happy, engaged and productive?


Be A Good Employer

As a leader you need to lead by example. If you come to work grumpy, barking orders at your staff, all you are going to end up with is a bunch of resentful employees. You need to be in authority, but that doesn’t mean you have to come across as a tyrant or dictator. If you want happy and productive staff, be a happy and productive boss. And make sure you know everyone’s name.


Give Praise When Deserved

This is extremely important. The more a worker is genuinely praised for the good job they do, the more that employee will strive to uphold their own reputation. Everyone thrives on positivity and you really want the workplace to be pervaded with a positive vibe. For consistent great performance, consider offering a pay rise.


Always Pay On Time

There is nothing more deflating for an employee who has worked hard all week, only to discover they haven’t been paid on time. Many workers are surviving from week to week, and getting their wages late can really throw their budgeting out the window. A paid worker is a happy worker.


Offer More Responsibility

Even workers employed to do the most menial of tasks enjoy the feeling of responsibility, being entrusted with an important job. We all want to feel valuable; to our employer, to our family and to our friends. The last thing you want is a worker to feel worthless. This will only lead to a decrease in productivity and a mediocre performance.


Get Social

Reward your staff occasionally with a social event, either at night or on a weekend. Cover the cost. Buy them lunch and some drinks and get the entire group involved in a fun activity. This is a great way to increase camaraderie between staff members and boost overall morale.


Be Accessible

Sure, you may be the big boss of the operation, but never create a giant chasm between yourself and your staff. Sometimes employees really need to speak to the boss. While maintaining authority, make yourself accessible and open to discussion. It’s also a good idea to arrange the occasional group meeting to let the staff know of any future developments the company has planned. An even better idea is to ask for staff feedback on the proposed ideas.


Have A Sound Recruitment Process

Recruiting the right staff for the job in the first place will go a long way to making sure you have happy and productive employees. Why do things the hard way? Get an expert employment agency onto it. For Gold Coast jobs speak to the friendly staff at People First Solutions for all your recruitment needs. As the name says, we put people first.

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