Need Staff

Every business needs staff in order to operate, but not just any staff – the right staff!

At People First Solutions we are no ordinary recruitment agency. We have implemented a new business model that breaks away from the constrictions and unfairness of the traditional recruitment model. We believe in putting people first, and this goes for both the client and the potential candidate.

Because of this our recruitment process guarantees that we attract not only qualified candidates, but quality candidates; as having the right attitude toward the job is just as important as having the necessary experience and qualifications. Because we have the motto of “putting people first”, we understand this concept and process and are able to successfully implement it into our recruitment protocol.

You need staff that can do the job, but you also need staff that will be happy in the workplace and willing to go the extra mile for the good of the company as a whole. Because successful recruitment is about people first and not just facts, figures and statistics, we know how to shortlist the right candidates; employees that will do the job right and be in it for the long-term, and not just those seeking a job to fill the gap until they find something they really want. After spending time and money recruiting new staff, you want them to be the right staff members and for them to stick around. The last thing you want is for your new recruits to leave after a short space of time and be forced to go through the entire recruitment process all over again.


Our Recruitment Process Is Unique

Unlike other recruitment agencies on the Gold Coast and beyond, at People First Solutions we don’t charge a set amount per candidate that our clients employ. Instead we charge for the time taken to go through the entire recruitment process. So what this means is, if you decide to employ just one candidate that we select or 10, the price of the recruitment package remains the same. Rather than paying a fee for each and every person you hire, you just pay the one simple, transparent fee based on the recruitment package that you select.


Our Recruitment Packages At A Glance

We have established four levels of recruitment packages, as well as a selection of optional extras. When you sign on for a selected package, you receive everything that package offers and you never pay a cent more unless you ask for any additional services covered under the optional extras.

The 4 main packages are:

  1. Platinum – This package offers the whole kit and kaboodle and is suited to those who want all the details of the recruitment process taken care of by the recruitment
  2. Gold – This package includes the top 5 interviewed candidates and is aimed at employers who want to do the interview and reference checking in-house.
  3. Silver – The top 10 benchmarked candidates will be screened and sent to you for your choice of who to call in for an interview.

Bronze – We screen the candidates based on the specific requirements that you, the employer, ask us to screen for.