Recruitment Process

At People First Solutions we have spent a number of years implementing, tweaking and perfecting our unique and highly efficient recruitment process. We call it “Simple Staffing Solutions” and we are very proud of the results.

We believed that the standard recruitment model used by all other recruitment agencies on the Gold Coast and elsewhere needed a shake up to both make it fairer when it comes to pricing, as well doing what we consider the most important aspect of the entire recruitment phase – putting people first. Hence the name of our business.

Nobody – whether it be the client seeking new staff, nor the candidate looking for a new position – should be treated as just a number or a commodity. Recruitment is all about dealing with real people on both sides of the ledger, and that is primarily what we have based our recruitment business model on.


How Our Recruitment Process Works

We have tailored 4 main packages to take care of your staff recruitment needs. These packages have been carefully designed and perfected to really streamline the recruitment phase and get you the best possible candidates applying for the position offered. Whether you like to be heavily involved in the recruitment of new staff, or want to leave it all up to us, we have packages to suit every requirement, budget and level of employer participation.

Some employers may just want us to screen potential candidates and send through a list of the top 10 to decide who to call in for an interview. Other employers may not have the time or prefer to be more hands off. In this case a package such as our Platinum Package offers the perfect recruitment solution.

As an example of how the recruitment process works, we’ll quickly run through exactly what you get when you order the Platinum Package (our most comprehensive recruitment package).

This is what we call – “The Whole Kit & Kaboodle” of packages and it includes the following:

  • Creation of “Candidate Attraction” campaign
  • Professionally written advertisement
  • Ad placement on 14+ online job boards
  • Every recruitment application acknowledged



  • An online recruitment candidate questionnaire specific to your job position
  • Two stages of recruitment screening (CV and questionnaire)
  • Phone interview the top five bench marked candidates
  • Provide you with written interview notes and candidate summaries
  • Co-ordinate interviews with your diary and the top two candidates
  • Complete reference checks on the top two selected candidates
  • Database search available on specific positions


The Platinum Package is the perfect recruitment solution for the employer who:

  • Has used recruitment agencies in the past but is sick of the high fees!
  • Wants the details taken care of – full screening, interviewing, and reference checking completed AND wants the best outcome!


People First Solutions

We guarantee you will find no other recruitment agencies offering the cost-effective and efficient recruitment packages that we offer and have perfected. We also guarantee to get you the very best candidates for the position; candidates who not only have the necessary skills and experience, but also the very best attitude as well.