Signs That A Candidate Will Be A Star Employee


It doesn’t matter whether you are doing the entire recruitment process yourself or going through one of the many employment agencies, at some stage you will be handling the interview process and making the final decision. You have your list of potential candidates for the position, now you have to try and decide which one will be the best fit.

So, what to look for? You have your standard checklist of skills, experience and other criteria to tick off, but what else is there that isn’t so black and white? What are the signs that a candidate will be a star employee?


Consider Their Track Record

Why are they looking for another job? What happened at their last job? Do they have references from previous employers and do those references sound genuine?

If an employee’s past employment history comes with a number of glowing recommendations, there is a very good chance they will be a real asset to your business. Unfortunately, most references only ever state the positive stuff and none of the negatives. But having a number of positive references, or being able to talk personally to a past employer or co-worker who can back up this information, will almost ensure the candidate is the real deal. Actions always speak louder than words.



Does the potential recruit seem genuinely passionate about the role they are applying for, or are they just telling you what you want to hear so they get the job? While it can be relatively easy to fake interest in something, it’s hard to fake passion. Real passion means the employee will be motivated. You will feel the energy emanating from them and you’ll know you’re onto a winner.


No Drama

Just as important in a star employee is little to no drama; someone who is low maintenance and doesn’t bring their personal life to work every day. The more you can delve into the prospective recruit’s history and see if they have any track record of drama, the better. No matter what their skills and experience might be, if they are too much drama it’s not worth taking the risk. Always go for the no drama worker.


Can They Listen And Follow Instructions?

While you want your employees and new recruits to have a mind of their own, you also want them to be able to listen, heed advice and follow instructions without always presenting an argument or debating procedures. An employee that will listen and then jump straight to the task is likely to become a star employee. And you can get a feel for this during the recruitment phase of screening and interviewing.


Honesty And Integrity

You want to hire someone who has the best interest of your business and co-workers at heart. Someone who is honest will almost always be loyal as well, and those are hugely important traits for an employee to have.


Recruitment Agencies

A quality recruitment agency knows how to recognise a star employee. At People First Solutions when specialise in finding you the right candidate for the job, so give us a call for a friendly chat today.

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