Signs You Have The Wrong Staff


If things really aren’t running smoothly in your business – no matter what your industry – it could be a sign that your recruitment process and selection criteria just don’t cut it. Whether a lack of performance is due to inexperienced staff members or people just not having any real interest in the work, you have a problem and may need to consider making some replacements.

What are some signs you have the wrong staff?


Always Late For Work

If a staff member is always running late for work, then you have an issue. It doesn’t matter whether the employee just has no concept of time, is always dealing with personal issues, has a car that often breaks down, or is just plain tardy. The bottom line is, they are always late and that’s not good for business.


Constant Complaining

Do your employees regularly complain about the tasks they have to perform at work? Do they whine and moan when you give them something new to do? This makes for a very negative work environment, and one negative employee can eventually infect all the other workers. Employees who enjoy their job or have an interest in it other than the pay cheque, won’t be constantly complaining.


The Contentious Employee

This one argues the point about everything and always thinks he/she has a better way of doing things than what the boss suggests. A worker like this will be draining on the entire operation. It will make it hard for managers and team leaders to give instructions and, as with the complaining employee, will eventually affect the attitudes of other workers around them.


Dishonest and Disloyal

You want to hire workers with integrity. You definitely don’t want workers who steal from you or take advantage of the company in any way outside of their job description. Loyalty is a big thing, and having loyal and honest employees goes a long way towards guaranteeing business success.


Always Making Mistakes

This could be due to attitude towards the job or just plain incompetence. Maybe this employee is just not cut out for this position and needs to be replaced with someone who can do the job properly. If a worker is constantly making mistakes and relying on other team members to fix them, then you really need to take some action or you could lose your good workers.


Recruit The Right Staff To Begin With

Get a professional recruitment agency on board. After all, they are experts in matching the right jobseekers to employers. Good recruitment isn’t a mystery. You just have to know how to do it right. At People First Solutions on the Gold Coast we’re experts at recruitment, so get in touch today.

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