What Makes A Good Recruitment Agency


If your business is going through a recruitment phase, or you just need to fill a new or recently vacated position, you may be considering employing the help of a recruitment agency to find the right staff. So how do you know if a recruitment agency is going to be any good?

Let’s go through some things you should look for.


Reputation of The Recruitment Agency

As with most things in life, a good reputation speaks volumes. Seek out employment agencies that have been operating for a number of years at least and do your research. What do other people have to say about their experiences with them?


Previous Clients

This ties in with reputation above. If many reputable companies have used a particular recruitment agency in the past, there is a great chance the agency is adept at finding the right staff for the right price.


Are They Experienced?

What is the background of the person running the agency? How many years of experience do they have? While everyone has to start somewhere, it can be difficult to entrust your recruitment processes to someone who has no established track record or experience with recruiting employees.


They Should Be Easy to Deal With

You’re busy. You want your recruitment phase to go as smoothly as possible with no headaches, and ultimately you want to be presented with the very best candidates for the interview process. You need an employment agency that is friendly, clear and concise on what they offer and for how much. And an agency that offers a personal touch where both yourself and prospective candidates don’t just feel like a number or a meal ticket for the agency owner.


Is The Recruitment Agency Organised?

If they aren’t or don’t appear to be, you could be in for a long recruitment process with results that will be ambiguous at best. The whole idea of employment agencies is to take the hassle of recruiting from the employer. You want an agency that can properly screen potential candidates and has quality processes in place that will make the entire operation as seamless as possible.


Do They Adopt an Innovative Approach?

In other words, do they offer new ideas and different ways from the norm to both advertise for, and screen new recruits? Is the employment agency with the times, leveraging tools like social media? Are they approachable for both business owners and jobseekers? What does one agency do that sets them apart from all of the others?

These are some questions you should be asking of potential recruitment agencies.


People First Solutions

We are one of the best recruitment agencies on the Gold Coast for good reason: We put people first, as the name implies. With us, no one is just a number. We adopt a personal, hands-on approach to recruiting which enables us to attract the very best candidates for job vacancies all across the Gold Coast. Get in touch today and speak with one of our friendly consultants.

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