When Did You Last Update Your Employee Contracts


Whether you have written or verbal contracts (written is better) between yourself and your employees, it’s important to keep them up to date as business progresses and circumstances change. If you have long-term employees and contracts haven’t been updated for years, it might be time to go over those contracts and consider some changes. How often you update them is up to you, but at least once a year would be a good practice; maybe just after the May Federal Budget is handed down, in case anything in the budget affects the operation of your business.


Go Over The Current Contracts

Look over the current contracts you have with your employees and see if anything needs to be changed or renegotiated. Some of the criteria might now be outdated or need to be updated. Perhaps someone is due or worthy of a pay increase. Has someone’s job description changed since the contract started? Did an employee receive a promotion and their new position, pay structure etc., doesn’t match what’s in the old contract? This will need to be updated to reflect their new role, as well as the criteria attached to the new role.


And What About New Recruits?

This is just as important as maintaining up-to-date contracts for existing workers. If your work contract is dozens of pages long, this is going to be very off putting to new employees. It will look like they’re signing their life away and selling their sole to work for you. You want diligent workers, and in order to have diligent workers they need to be happy workers.


Fair’s Fair

As human beings we by nature like to slant things in our own favour. As the boss you are entitled to do this to a degree, but you still have to be fair to your workers or:

  • Your good workers will leave
  • You won’t be able to attract quality new staff

It’s in your best interests and the future of your business to produce work contracts that offer a fair deal to your employees and new recruits.


Find The Right Staff

With Gold Coast jobs it can sometimes be a challenging task to find the right employees, with such a transient population and laid back lifestyle. A solid recruitment process will help with this, and the best way to recruit well is to enlist the help of recruitment agencies. So give us a call at People First Solutions. For jobs on the Gold Coast, we are experts at finding the right staff for you.

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