Why Your Recruitment Process Is Failing


Finding and keeping quality staff is essential to the success of every business. You may have started off being a small, one-person operation, but as your business grows so does the need for help. After all, you can’t do everything yourself.

Recruiting new or replacement staff members can be a nightmare for an employer. You’re already busy. The last thing you feel like doing at night or on your weekends is reading through a stack of job applications, but you have no choice. You need staff to get the work done. You make a decision and hire someone, only to discover after a week or two that they really aren’t the right person for the job. With a sinking feeling you realise you will have to let them go, advertise for someone new and go through the laborious recruitment process all over again.


Reasons Your Recruitment Process Might Be Failing

There can be many reasons for this and it will vary from person to person. Let’s list a few common reasons and then see what can be done to correct the process.

  • You’re over-worked and too tired to focus on sifting through the applications.
  • Maybe you’re great at running your business in general, but just aren’t very good at selecting the right staff members. You can’t be good at everything.
  • Your planning and procedures for effective recruiting are not well thought out and refined.
  • The process from advertising through to hiring is too drawn out. This can present a number of problems. Top notch candidates who know their worth will get impatient and find employment elsewhere. You will forget who was good and who wasn’t by the time you get around to hiring someone.
  • The criteria in the job description is too vague or you don’t know what questions to ask either in the screening process or during the interview phase.


Some Solutions

For starters, an interview guide can be a great help. Rather than just shooting in the dark when interviewing potential candidates, a guide will give the interview organisation, as well as help you to work out the right questions to ask. This will lead to a much smoother and efficient process as well as giving you confidence.

If you know there is an expansion in the wings or you need extra staff at busier times of the year, then adopting a recruitment planner will help you get organised well before time. It will help streamline the entire process.

It’s also important to stay abreast of current legislation regarding employment in your industry and any important certifications candidates must have.

Don’t leave your candidates in limbo after a round of interviews. Make a decision.


Enlist A Recruitment Agency

Staff at an employment agency are experts at the recruitment process. If you really don’t want the headache of finding the right staff, then let People First Solutions do the heavy lifting for you. We handle recruitment for all kinds of Gold Coast jobs, advertising for possible candidates, screening them and passing on the most likely matches to you for interview. Call us or email us today.

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